Shop Baldaiassa sale Hazelnuts, Hazelnut Oil, Italian Food


Welcome to Shop Baldaiassa, online sales site, specialized in the sale of Hazelnuts, Hazelnut Oil and Piedmontese Specialties. On Shop Baldaiassa you can always buy fresh products 7 days 7 and you will receive comfortably at home or in the office even the next day in any part of the world.

La Baldaiassa is located in Italy, more precisely in Piedmont, where it transforms and sells exclusively hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety, considered the best hazelnut in the world. Our internal laboratory is specialized in the processing of hazelnuts: we sell raw shelled hazelnuts, toasted hazelnuts, hazelnut oil, chocolate pralines and hazelnuts such as the famous cri cri, hazelnut cake, hazelnut biscuits, hazelnut paste, hazelnut flour ... in short, all Piedmontese specialties with hazelnuts.

But Baldaiassa does not produce and sells only Piedmontese specialties with hazelnuts! In fact, on the Shop for sale you can find the famous bagna cauda, ​​jams, marmelade and jellies, wines, grappa, honey and bakery products, specialties of Piedmont produced mainly in our laboratory.

A small part of the Baldaiassa Shop is dedicated to the sale of selected products such as raw shelled almonds, raw shelled walnuts and much more.